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    I play in a cover band. Every song we cover is represented in our own style and some feature more creativity than others. Over the years we have turned some songs into medleys, or morphed into other songs, or we just throw something else in there because it works. Here are the creative liberties we have had fun with:

    Billy Idol Mony Mony/JP You Got Another Thing Coming medley
    U2 Desire - insert I Want Candy chorus - finish Desire
    Stranglehold - played in the tempo and style of Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
    East Bound and Down, Ladybug Song, What’s New Scooby Doo medley
    Billy Squier Lonely is the Night - faster tempo ending goes right into Judas Priest Steeler (this is probably my fav of all)
    I Want Candy – REDon’t Let Him Go – Desire

    None of the above we currently play.

    This one we do. It sounds more slick each time we play it live. We are not a country band but if you wanna play some country, then die with your boots on!
    Recipe for Jason Aldean's "Hicktown"

    Start with intro Rammstein "Du Hast"
    Go into start of "Hicktown" riff
    Replace "Hicktown" solo with Dokken "It's Not Love" solo
    Continue breakdown part (phone call) with Dokken riff over "Hicktown" breakdown lyrics
    Finish with "Hicktown"

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    Off topic but When I am jamming in the garage I do a White Wedding/Rebel Yell medley. Both are in B minor.
    8 strings? Because 6 is too easy?