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    Ok guys, it's "rip on the n00b" time

    I figured since I'm the new guy I'd throw up one of my recordings for you to tear up. Recording quality isn't that great, but it's ok. It takes a minute for the actual song to start, as the drummer had an idea to make the beginning bit sound like you were walking into a jam session or something. Either way, here it is. We used to use this song as our "3 minute workout" and would start every practice with it to loosen up. On this track I am playing all guitars and bass. The guitar I'm using is my Jackson King V Pro. Each track was recorded in one take, hence the "live" sound... mistakes and all, but that was our goal hehe

    Click here to listen (3.8MB MP3)
    - Adam

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    Don't like the "intro"

    But once it gets going, sounds very pro, dude.
    "Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!" -Moe Howard, "Micro-Phonies" (1945)