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Small crappy powered speakers

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  • Small crappy powered speakers

    My ideal dream non-crappy speakers for this application would be Minimus 7s (remember those?) with built in power.

    But here in the real world, I'm looking for something that sized that isn't a craptacular computer speaker, but isn't a $200 /ea reference monitor.

    Looking at Behringer MS20 and M-Audio StudioPro 3.

    Anybody got suggestions based on personal use?

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    sorry, not tried either of those. but to be honest, i don't think you're gonna get decent speakers for that money. i was using a pair of mains powered pc speakers (equiv. to $30) so i know how you feel. they're just lifeless, and truly unrepresentative of the real end result. i know this, because it sounds so incredibly different when i listen again thru my dt100 headphones.

    i was aiming for a pair of speakers worth 200 quid ($400), but now i'm aiming for 3 times that: either mackie hr624's (good for locating that missing bass, apparently) or genelec 8030a's (much smaller and come with anti-vibration pods). but the cost doesn't stop there - i need something solid to put these monitors on (all that quicklok shit needs sand to hold it down), so i'm contemplating making my own desk shelf of at least an inch in thickness, and that won't be cheap either. it's the price you pay for accuracy.. active pro monitors is the way to go. i used to own a pair of hhb circle 5a's, then a pair of dynaudio bm6a's. the latter allowed me to create some really punchy mixes. pow! they did cost equiv to $2200 tho..
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      Sorry, using crappy PC speakers myself

      I've got a pair of Behringer Truth B2031As but haven't hooked them up in a while. Still halfway looking for a pair of TRS cables for them since they do all the crossover stuff internally.
      They sound good with regular 1/4" cables, but I don't want to blow the tweeters.
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        Originally posted by wilkinsi View Post
        but to be honest, i don't think you're gonna get decent speakers for that money.
        I think you're 100% correct, hence my use of the word CRAPPY!
        The JCF-er Formerly Known as axtogrind.