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Clip of my new Marshall cab with the B-52

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  • Clip of my new Marshall cab with the B-52

    Ok don't pay too much attention to the actual playing here. I dislocated my thumb a few weeks ago and just got my cast off on thursday, so I'm playing a little ruff.
    this is with my B-52 and the 1960AX cab.
    Let me know what you think of the sound, I'll try to post up something with the 5150 asap, but my hand is really sore right now so I'm done for the night
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    First of all, great tone. I'm really suprised that's a B-52. I guess I should really give them a second chance. That was the Marshall with the greenbacks no?

    Second of all, you have nothing to ba ashamed of with your playing dude. I wish I could play half as good! Cool riff too.

    Can't wait to hear the 5150 clip.

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      Thanks Jim, yes that's the Marshall with the greenbacks.. If you throw in JJ's and an EQ in the loop the B-52 gets a surprising range of different tones. The only thing it doesn't do well for my tastes is a brown sound and a good organic Blues tone, but the 5150 can nail those.
      If this is our perdition, will you walk with me?


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        That sounds pretty damn good to me, tone and playing. Vinnie Moore is one of my favorite shredders


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          F'ckin' cool Kevin!

          I dig the tone of that B52 a lot. And Vinnie Moore is one of my fav players too.
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            thanks Kuerbo, but who is Kevin? :ROTF:
            If this is our perdition, will you walk with me?


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              nick, before i knew you, i always though you were kevin too. i don't know why.

              as always, i love your playing man. tone + technique + feel!


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                  Peace, Love and Happieness and all that stuff...

                  "Anyone who tries to fling crap my way better have a really good crap flinger."

                  I personally do not care how it was built as long as it is a good playing/sounding instrument.

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                    Geez Nick,that was one "rough" take.Why would you even post something like that?
                    Hey,it sounds great.I think we all might be our own worst critic's.I know I don't hear half the things I play that others rave about.Keep up the nice flow.
                    It's nice to have a forum for feedback and from what I have heard so far there is some great talent floating around here.I look forward to more of your tracks.

                    Man,I just checked out the date's on these posts.I'm way behind!


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                      Just a few weeks, that's not too bad.
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