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My band recording with JAckson Model 3

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  • My band recording with JAckson Model 3

    I have been working on my new band lately and I love very old school 80s metal and I have been trying to get THAT SOUND specifically bands like Warlord, Cirith Ungol, Manowar, Wolfsbane, Flotsam Jetsam, Heavy Lord, Crimson Glory, Brocas Helm, Pagan Glory, Witchhunter General, Omen!

    At the moment we have programmed drums because we have no possibility to record live drums but we will for our album that we want to release this year

    I play a Charvel Model 3 with a Super Distortion in bridge through a Gallien Kruger combo amp (just like Iron Maiden in the 80s!!!!) miced up with a SM57 and our bassplayer plays a Fender P-Bass with a Darkglass Microtubes B7 pedal and our interface is a small little Focusrite Scarlett interface

    We might hire a professional mixer for our next album but we need to sell enough albums to afford it, so first album will be self-produced to make an income to afford next professional album!!!

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    Very nice guitar work man! Catchy riffs


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      Oh thank you very much