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The Midnight - Sunset (synthwave guitar cover w/ Jackson RR1)

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  • The Midnight - Sunset (synthwave guitar cover w/ Jackson RR1)

    Made a fun guitar cover. It's how I imagine this track would sound if it was an 80's hair metal track.

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    Great job! Glad to know others on JCF listen to synthwave! It's a guilty pleasure of mine. The Midnight is one of the more "uplifting" artists, along with FM-84. Always looking for more if you have suggestions. There's a time and place for the dark synthwave stuff but I prefer listening to something that will make me think of 80s sunsets, beaches, summer love, and good times. For this reason I also really love the AOR genre if I need to hear real instruments, though it's difficult to find backing tracks in the AOR style because it's not a prominent genre.


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      Thanks a lot!

      Yeah, I too prefer the more clean and poppy synthwave artists. I really fell in love with Ollie Wride's debut album last year. Very synthwave inspired, but more organic and guitar-driven.

      No reason to feel guilty for enjoying catchy and beautiful music!


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        That sounded really good.
        Nice guitars too.
        Thanks for sharing.