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Best "Studio Desk" for Home Studio?

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  • Best "Studio Desk" for Home Studio?

    Hi Guys,

    Moving to a new home, so want to take this opportunity to setup a "real" home studio.

    Right now I really like this one: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.c...esk?sku=482262

    - looks well constructed
    - lots of room for a big keyboard / synth / midi controller
    - lots of rack space if I ever need them. Way more than I need, but never hurts to have more

    What would you guys suggest?


    - Leo.

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    For a few hundred more than the omnirax you could have an Argosy.

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    Why do I still want MORE?


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      I really like how that desk looks, the only thing I don't like about it is that the computer keyboard placement seems very awkward. Or I would have to get an extra computer keyboard shelf and bolt it to the underside of the desk.

      - Leo.


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        Have you thought about a DYI project?
        If you are kinda handy with a saw, you could make a great desk suited to your need for a small amount of money. At one time I was looking at allot of similar units myself, but most of them I would have to do something to to tailor it for my needs, and the real desks were waaaaaayyyyy out of my price range,The one that suited me best at the time was an Omnirax mixstation.

        Their price was 1175.00 + 200 shipping. so I decided to just build one from the picture instead.

        It is really just two side cars(racks) and shelves to link them together with a computer tower platform on the bottom and a little more rack space,and in the end I did cut the top racks down to 4 space when I built my mixing room so the height wouldn't interfere with the sound from the speakers........... and I built it for $114.00 total (and Yes, I corrected the ugly ass wiring hole on the right)

        The next on I build will be based of of some sort of Argosy though.

        Just another alternative

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          Wow, that's some fine handiwork

          The last time I applied a saw to wood is elementary school woodworking class... so... I can probably do it, but it'll take me a LONG time.

          But yeah, definitely another alternative to consider.

          - Leo.


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            Good job Moshwitz!!!
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              Check these guys out. Saw one in action at the Tennessee OSHA Conference last year, and immediately thought of Studio applications. I told the guy he should hit up NAMM.


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