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What ever happened to the JCF "old timers"??

This is a sticky topic.
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  • That was one thing I was looking forward to today, and no dice. Nothing, nada. I guess I’ll just wait for billz care package.
    "I have so much gayness at times. My wife walks in my music room, and there I am, in my undies, listening to "Sister Christian" while lighting fireworks..doin' blow." - Bill Z

    "I leave off the back plate and pinch my forskin between the tension springs. That may not work for everyone. But I find that the people love it. Half the tone is in the pud." - Bill Z


    • bump...
      I want REAL change. I want dead bodies littering the capitol.

      - Newc


      • I know Bangle was banned (Or requested to be banned/deleted) just curious if anyone here keeps in touch with him? Curious if he still has Jim R's Jackson Stars soloist, and just basically if he's still alive. (Sorry if this posts twice, I got a weird server error message)
        In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil


        • Talk to me about lemon ​oil you marshmallow peel lovers

          "clean sounds are for pussies" - Axewielder


          • wow got an email about this thread and here i am! Foolius Maximus aka Neddi Stanz if anyone remembers


            • Me too, Fool!

              No Drake. I only have 2 Warriors.

              Toneboobster: Lemon oil is not for pancakes, I'm now 63kg instead of 50. Anyway, my cat was a bastard today. Brought half a bunny wabbit back, shit everywhere. He'd make short work of peeps. I don't care what he kills. I just don't want to pick it up Bad Yoda! I'll be mopping up blood stains tomorrow.
              Fuck ebay, fuck paypal

              "Finger on the trigger, back against the wall. Counting rounds and voices, not enough to kill them all" (Ihsahn).


              • I got an email about it too.

                been forever since I've been here! This has always been my username.

                Hello again.


                • Originally posted by Foolius Maximus View Post
                  wow got an email about this thread and here i am! Foolius Maximus aka Neddi Stanz if anyone remembers
                  Neddi! I was going through some OLD stuff a while back, and found an mp3 of a live solo you did! Hadn't listened to it for ages, but it was sweet!