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Proper etiquette for joining a band?

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    let your musicianship do the talking,if you act like a cocky cunt with no skills you deserve all you will get thrown at you

    modesty goes a long way,just make sure you knock their fucking socks of with your playing

    ohhh and dont stand too still-smile when you playing and for fucks sake wear the guitar as low as you can play it


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      Originally posted by El_Kabong View Post
      Show up late and a little drunk. Then put a compact mirror on the table and start choppin' rails for you and the potential band mates. Tell them about the wicked B.J. you got from your mom last night. Make sure your shoes are from different pairs. If they ask what key? Ask if your car key is ok. Tell them tuning up isn't 'true rock'n' roll'.

      * Avoiding all of these steps, may help you get in.

      That so sounds like me in a younger year.


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        You cocky cunt!
        "Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!" -Moe Howard, "Micro-Phonies" (1945)