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James = Jim. Know some more?

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    Margaret - Maggie, Peggy, Peg
    Lawrence - Larry

    Glad to hear others know that Jack is really a familiarisation of John, I INSIST in using the name John until I know them properly (even if they tell me their name is Jack. I just say their parents were uneducated dullards. Which always goes down well......)
    Harry is a familiarisation of the name Henry, hence we don't have a Prince Harry, we have a Prince Henry, whatever we call him........

    Robert - Bert
    The name Robin isn't a "real" name either - it is a familiarisation of the name Robert.

    The truth is, you can call your kid what you like (take a bow Mr Zappa and co) so it doesn't really matter unless you are an old fart like me, who insist on being "proper".
    So I woke up,rolled over and who was lying next to me? Only Bonnie Langford!

    I nearly broke her back


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      From the Scottish side of my family -

      Jonathan/John - instead of Jack, they use "Jock."
      Elizabeth - Bessy or Bess.
      Blank yo!