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  • HuntinDoug

    Back in the early aughts, as us elders will preach to the youngsters...which probably include most of you (and get off my lawn), I was a regular here and for several of those years, in and out of the hospital dealing with kidney failure and all the fun that comes along with that prize.

    Several of you stepped up when I needed help and I will be forever humbled by your generosity. That taught me a lot and the intervening twenty years I have tried to pay it forward when people need help.

    As it turns out the surprises keep coming. I recently got an ESP Craft House guitar, a pointy with a Floyd, the first such animal I've had in twenty years and I am having a ball blasting out Anthrax and Skid Row tunes!

    Going through my guitar toolbox I discovered a pair of truss rod covers HuntinDoug had made for me twenty plus years ago! They fit perfectly! This is SO COOL!!! I don't know if Doug is still on here, but if you are, Doug, Thank You So Very Much!!

    Twenty years later and the fellowship of this forum still shines through!! I hope it hasn't changed too much!!

    ~Chuck Mitchell (Now with FOUR Kidneys!!)

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    Hey, Chuck! Good to see you alive and well. Things are quite slow here these days, more people are posting on the JCF Facebook page or other related FB J/C pages. Haven't seen Doug around here in a long time. I just did a search of his name, and it seems he hasn't posted here since 2009.
    I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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      Wow it's cool to see Chuckracer appearance!!! Some of us still post here. I like the forum setting better than Facebook myself. It has spurts of activity, but nothing like the old days. I think quite a few lurk, but not a lot of posting like there used to be.


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        Hi guys! Thanks! I like the Forums better than Facebook too. The Ducati site I moderate is still very active, but that's mostly old geezers like me who don't really dig social media, or "that youtube thing" as my 92 year old Dad says.

        Ya'll be good to one another and I'll be around from time to time.

        ~Chuck Mitchell
        Dexter, NY