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How Do I Post Pics?

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    Originally posted by JJ119 View Post
    I gave up.

    Imgur worked 1 time for me when I posted a pic
    of my DX10D FS

    And imbb worked 1 time in the
    Speaking Of JSX 94 Thread.

    I did everything the same way and nothing else
    came up.

    I'll have to have my Bride help me on the desk top
    Now one thing I do which is different than a lot of other people is that I use a desktop for online. I don't use a phone or iPad. Maybe that makes it easier for me.

    On the picture above I posted above of the Imgur link generator if you click on your picture in Imgur it will give you the different links like I pictured. Then just cut the complete BBCode, paste it in your message on here and BOOM you'll have a picture.


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      Thanks Razor

      I believe I will switch to Desktop on my next day off.