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  • Hi !

    Hi everyone !

    Before posting anything related to Jackson/Charvel, I wanted to quickly introduce myself:
    My name is François, I'm 30 and I live in France. I've been playing guitar for 16 years, I studied music theory and guitare technics at M.A.I, and guitar building/repair at I.T.E.M.M, I graduated from both, and now I work as a guitar-tech and guitar teacher !
    I'm here to meet people who love Jackson and Charvel as much as I do, and also to keep learning about these brands, since I collect guitars, and obviously talk about anything related to guitar and music !
    I currently own 11 Jackson/Charvel guitars, mostly USA and MIJ from the early 90's, but I will tell you more soon !

    Cheers !

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    hello and welcome. But be care full, I only had a dozen or so Charvel guitars when I joined this forum, I now have close to 100 guitars in my house, about 75 of which are Charvel.


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      Welcome to The Forum!

      When you get time, we like pics!!


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        I've had quite few guitars over the years but took a ten year or so hiatus and sold down to all but 2. My wife and son bought me a MIM San Dimas last year for Father's Day and BAM I'm back into guitars and have 10 now.

        Let's see a family portrait of your guitars.


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          Thanks everybody ^_^ !

          Cool to hear about your stories, I can relate to the collection spiraling out of control !

          Here is a picture to tease you, but I will post about each guitars individually in the appropriate sections ! Can you guess the models ?