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RIP Alexi Laiho

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  • RIP Alexi Laiho
    In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil

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    just saw that this morning. definitely the next most iconic RR bearer, after the man himself of course. RIP


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      41 years old! Way too young.

      I never really listened to his music but his name was an important part of JCF in the 2000s, especially with discussions surrounding his stolen RRs (weren't they originally Roope Latvala's?) and he defected to ESP. It was an era of the forum/company when we griped that the few "big names" Jackson already struggled to keep were choosing the competitors. We were really cliquish back then, with an overblown hate towards ESP and Ibanez (both of which I openly enjoy these days in complement to my Jacksons and Charvels).

      Stock 24-fret RRs weren't even available in the 2000s and I remember we wanted to see production versions because of Roope and Alexi. It made sense. But they wouldn't arrive for another decade or so, well after ESP made their own versions for Alexi.

      Dunno why but he almost looks like Jani Lane here, another musician who passed on too young.

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        Damn. Time to go blast "Everytime I Die"!!!

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