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Padding for hard case - Need help

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  • Padding for hard case - Need help

    Hello everyone, friends. I bought a cheap rectangular generic guitar hard case for my Jackson JS22-7 and would need to find something online to stuff it in the corners, especially the tip of the headstock. Can you please advise me something like this? The ideal would be blocks of rubber, or foam rubber, or in any case of soft but resistant material. I would then like to be able to cut and paste it in the parts where the guitar hits. If it works, I'd love to replicate this with another bigger hard case for my KBX bass (which is huuuge) Thank you.
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    is it temporary or for permanent installation?
    because steps are different.

    either way, you can "form fit" a case with styrofoam.
    and then whatever you choose for padding on top.


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      2nd to styrofoam


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        Thank you very much! It was exactly what I was looking for. I've seen there s a lot of different material that would do the job, polyethylene, polyurethane and so on. Thank you