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  • Guitar store employees

    In my previous post we looked at amateur guitar players. This time we ask a similar question but about people who work in guitar stores:

    Why do guitar store employees tend to be such rude, arrogant, condescending jerks?

    This is because most people who work in guitar stores are failed musicians who had dreams of fame on the big stage.
    For reasons of lack of talent, luck or opportunity they ended up stuck working in a store that sells musical instruments.
    They resent this and will use every opportunity to be condescending and mean to anyone who they think has less knowledge
    and skill than them. As a customer in such a place of business the employees can quickly tell what your level of knowledge and skill
    is based on the type of questions you ask, what you are looking for, and by hearing you play if you decide to test a particular amp or guitar.
    They will then treat you accordingly, based on whether they think you are beneath them or above in terms of career rank.

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    or it has to do with the fact that salesmen aren't babysitters for parents or your personal maid service. they are salesmen, they are at work, their job is to sell. if they don't sell, they don't eat.

    parents drop their kids off at the store and think we need to let them roam about, letting them bang on $100,000 worth of gear?
    douche bags walk in to jam or show off your for their buddies, no intentions of buying.... but when you leave, after having heard Fur Elise for the tenth time today, we need clean the fingerprints. We need to clean your AIDS infected skin off of the strings and fretboards.
    And on a worst case scenario, we have to fill out a claim report for the damage your belt buckle did.


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      Gun store guys are the same. They tend to weed through the tire kickers that want a price on everything yet buy nothing. I've worked parts and service for years and have some of the same people call and come in time and again pricing parts but never buy anything. They get put on hold for the people who are going to spend money versus the guys calling around for best prices so they can try to beat down everyone. I've got mouths to feed and I price things to move them. I'm not into negotiating away my paycheck. Spending a few bucks and making it a point to do it with the sames salesman opens a lot of doors because they want people who have buying power and are gonna buy.
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        I would refrain from putting your thoughts into other people's motives. Saying things like "This is because most people who work in guitar stores are failed musicians who had dreams of fame on the big stage" is nonsense. There are people who like music or guitars, drums, etc. So to them working in a music store appeals to them. Are there jerks? Sure. But there are also really cool people to. Blanket assumptions are a big problem in today's society. Sometimes we forget to look at ourselves and have some awareness of our own behaviors.