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I knew I had to get a new bike sooner or later

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  • I knew I had to get a new bike sooner or later

    So, I had been riding around on a 2006 GSX-R 750 for more than 12 years

    ​​​ ​​

    In 2016 the headgasket started to sweat and overheat the bike, got that fixed, but a bit over a year later after my colleague pulled my bike out of the parking lot with his bumper ​​.​​​
    During those repairs early 2018, my mechanic found out that the base gasket was starting to sweat as well.
    By this time, the little beastie was already clocking well over 50000 miles.
    Anyways, I held on to her for as long as no problem arose which would lead to a standstill.
    Few months later my headers cracked, powdercoat was starting to flake from the swingarm, front fork required a service, it definitely was on it's way to the great circuit in the sky.
    But, she was still going...

    So, I figured early 2019 to start looking around for something new(er...ish).
    After so many years on a 750 (owned a 750 SRAD prior to the K6), I decided to look for her big sister, the K5 1000, figured I was a big boy by now as well.
    -And I actually first contemplated buying a 2005 GSX-R 1000 instead of the 750 K6, but with not even having my licence for 2 years at that time, I probably wouldn't be enjoying this monster for long.

    Looked around on my nation's version of Reverb, and other 2nd hand sites, and early march found one I was interested in (2nd choice, but more on that later).
    20K on the clock, $6250, ...time for a test ride.

    My 750 was anything but slow,... but this thing?????

    Well, at 20k miles, this one had more salt corrosion than mine did, which had been used all year round for 12+ years and was now showing 59000 miles on the dash.
    Rear tire and valves had dried out, engine covers left and right looked like they were painted in a sandstorm (and the exhaust was loud as hell WITH baffle installed),... nope, not this one.
    Well, after saying goodbye and heading home, decided to take a detour and grab a coffee at the beach.

    Never got there though, at a certain point, suddenly my dash showed 0 RPMs and 0 mph, first I figured it was simply my dash dying on me (hey, it also had done 59K).
    But alas, a few miles further, she died under me, called road assist, conclusion: Generator meltdown, I was riding on the juice of my battery those last few miles.

    ....great, as if life wasn't throwing me curveballs to the scrotum already, I now was without a bike, and without a mode of transportation to easily shop for another bike (since I only have a motorcycle licence).

    So, sitting around, browsing the sites, got a few feelers out, but nothing big, getting bored, figured I "generalized" my search parameters, I found her,.... again
    Back to that "second choice" comment: Prior to me requesting that test ride on that other 1000, I found one advertised with 4700 miles on the clock,
    but before I was "actively" starting to shop, it disappeared, logical assumption it sold.

    But there she was, on a different site, under a misnomer, contacted the owner, tense week passed, called the guy: Yes! He still had it for sale and Yes! I could try her out.

    Chartered a buddy of mine for a lift, and off we went treasure hunting.

    When I got there, I was confronted with something some of you guys have experienced with finding a closet queen.
    This bike had spent most of it's time stored at the Importer of Jaguar Netherlands, sitting next to expensive jags of customers, in a conditioned garage.

    We were talking showroom condition, except the tires (original front, 2nd rear,...15 and 13 year old production date respectively -Yeah, the testride was 'adventurous'),
    everything felt and looked like new.

    Did the mandatory test ride, but when I came back it was already decided:

    So the past 2 and a half months, I've been busy doubling the miles on the clock (what the previous owner took 13 years to do) and of course adding my own personal touches to it.
    Those tires went ASAP, they really were dangerous to continue riding on, also grabbed that opportunity to replace the brakelines for steel braided ones, just to be sure
    Yeah they still felt flexible,but brake fluid is bad stuff, most builders suggest replacement after 5 years, and since I couldn't see their inner condition, decided not to take any chances.
    Luckily, she was already sporting a Short Yoshimura exhaust (An added bonus, back in 2005 I wanted this slip-on on my SRAD as well, but it was bloody expensive and I managed to get a full system Leovince for cheap instead).

    Had my mirrors, grips and bar weights from my K6 and put those on there, slapped on some tankgrips, removed the passenger pegs for a single exhaust hanger,
    Screwed on a set of crash pads, preload adjusters, chain tensioners and a set of levers, put a smoke taillight and smoke turnsignal lenses on the back, changed the smoke windscreen to a lighter shade double bubble, stapled on a seatcover and lastly stuck on a custom design tankpad.
    By now apart from rear sets, she's pretty much done externally.

    She's already outfitted with a powercommander, but a custom tune will have to wait, first i need to refurbish the suspension, that was a downside on that low mileage,
    the front shocks are traveling rather stiff, oh well, since I'm not the biggest guy in the world, it gives me the chance to change the springs to more suit my weight as well.
    In due time I'll probably upgrade the brakedisks as well, and maybe put her on a set of PVM 10-spoke rims (which I've been lusting after since the days of my SRAD, 14 years back).

    Well, all talk, now some pics.

    As I bought her:

    As she currently stands:

    ​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​

    ​​​​​ ​​​​​

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    Sweet, great find.

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      Awesome story, and congrats on the new ride. She looks super clean. Absolute score!
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        Originally posted by veemagic View Post
        Awesome story, and congrats on the new ride. She looks super clean. Absolute score!
        Yeah, what were the odds of finding a 13 y/o bike like that with thát low mileage..

        ...well, actually,...

        in the same time I was waiting between first contact and the testride, a black one popped up with just under 4400 miles
        But, unlike my bike, which received no alterations ON the bike (Screen and Exhaust are what I call "bolt-on" parts)
        this one was actually missing the silver "S" emblem on the tank, which you need to pry off with quite some effort for it being a sticker
        And once things like that are missing, I always start to question "Why?" And once you have to ask why, the reason to get it greatly diminishes

        And for good reason
        As an example:
        A yellow/black one I eyed as the first one, I inquired about missing the yellow chevrons on the tank, and the black sticker on the front cowl was extended along the screen to the top of the cowl,instead of "fading" at the line of the mirrors
        The seller stated about the chevrons that they had been "damaged" and he had "new ones ready to be applied", didn't give an answer about the black sticker on the front though
        But since I've owned Suzukis prior, I already knew: those chevrons are under the clearcoat, to damage them, you need to damage the paintwork
        And though I didn't get an answer on the front cowl, since I always wanted a black yellow GSX-R (but my K6 was never sold in that color in Europe),
        "Just in case" I ever wanted to change my 750's livery, I had eyeballed Chinese plastics over the years, and confirmed my suspicion that the front cowl was a Chinese replacement, when looking them up again
        IOW: this guy was selling a bike at market value, that most definitely had received damage, without informing potential buyers (IMO, actively lying about it)

        I didn't mind letting the one with 4400mi pass though, I was chasing the "one that got away" because the 1000k5 I passed over for my 750k6 was also Yellow/Black
        -and even though I'll miss my old Beastie for the rest of my life
        For years always thought back about what it would have been like, had I chosen that one

        Finally got my answer:

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        "There's nothing taking away from the pure masculinity I possess"

        -"You like Anime"



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          Jeez, if you rode the old bike for 12 years, you obviously aren't a kid. Don't you feel old and creaky on the new bike? I couldn't get back on one of those sporty things if I wanted to these days, my knees and wrists wouldn't let me.
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            Originally posted by Rsmacker View Post
            you obviously aren't a kid.

            Last I checked, only my toys got bigger over the years

            I simply love racers, and it'll take quite a lot to ever make me jump on another type of ride
            As of current, I may not be one of the youngest boys, but I can still spend hours on a bike like this. Sure, the wrists (and ass) feel a little sore after long ends in slow traffic
            but my back and knees are still ok

            But if I do ever reach that age where it doesn't have to be so blatantly fast and powerful,

            I'll settle for something tamer like this:

            (Let's ignore those 118.0 ft.lbs of torque it has )
            "There's nothing taking away from the pure masculinity I possess"

            -"You like Anime"