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Stupid pre-internet guitar related rumors

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  • Stupid pre-internet guitar related rumors

    Eddie Van Halen is tiny so he plays 3/4 size guitars. Everything is closer together. That's why he seems so good. Also why he plays that little box looking one with no tuners.

    Vinnie Vincent finger picks with Lee Press On Nails.

    Jon Bon Jovi ate a gerbil out of Richard Gere's ass. He had to have his stomach pumped and they found 8 lbs of semen.

    First one probably was people being confused about Kramer or Charvel bodies that weren't strat sized. Second one is goofbag till you see a picture of the dude. Last one has a ring of truth.

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    I heard it was Rod Stewart that had his stomach pumped & they found more than just semen in there.


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      the one about eddie is true. lol


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        Alice Cooper/Gene Simmons/David Bowie had everyone spit in jar and drank it. Gross out contest Alice Cooper ate someones shit


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          Mama Cass choked on a sandwich
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            Gene Simmons spit cows blood....or was it pigs blood?

            He had a cows tongue surgically attached to his. :dunno:
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              Steve Vai had the webs between his fingers surgically altered for longer reach. Gere had the gerbil surgically removed. Gene Simmons is completely bald and wears "Hair-Helmut" wigs. Paul Stanley is gay. David Geffen and Courtney Love had Layne Stayley murdered because he was slamming Love in the press, who was Geffens' biggest moneymaker at that time.
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                Gene and Paul sound true to me


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                  Yngwie is god.
                  GTWGITS! - RacerX


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                    Rob Halford is GAY.

                    I've seen that pre-internet rumor cause fist fights.
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                      Rob Halford is GAY.

                      I've seen that pre-internet rumor cause fist fights.

                      Oh my god... almost forgot... one I used to tell everyone:

                      John Bon Jovi has AIDS.

                      Almost everyone I told that to back then believed me.
                      The 2nd Amendment: America's Original Homeland Defense.


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                        I forgot the Vai one. Heard that too! Also the Gene Simmons one.

                        Stryper switched sides and started worshipping satan.


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                          How about the: Eddie Van Halen boiled his guitar strings so he could reuse them.

                          And the one that use to get me in a HUGE FIGHT with my parents and church: KISS stands for Knights In Satan's Service


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                            Ozzy was flying the plane.

                            Gene Simmons had the little thing under the bottom of his tongue cut, which is why he can stick it out so far/spit blood.
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