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AHHHH Brazil....

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  • AHHHH Brazil....

    Gorgeous women...check
    Kickass food....check
    Awesome party scene...check
    but wait.....what's that?????

    Ok cancel any plans I've ever had of going to Brazil
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    No, NO, NO, FUCKING NO. I'm not even watching that, once I saw the title...
    So I woke up,rolled over and who was lying next to me? Only Bonnie Langford!

    I nearly broke her back


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      If you are in Brazil, remember this:

      If it has big boobs and a big ass....its a dude.
      If it has small boob and a small ass.....its a dude.
      If it has big boobs and a small ass......its a dude
      If it has small boobs and a big ass...its a dude.

      I have been to Brazil....these are facts.-Lou
      " I do not pay women for sex. I pay for them to leave after the sex ". -Wise words of Charlie Sheen


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        Why, why, why did I watch that? "They are very social" no shit! My question is where did they come from, and where do they go? It's not like there is a tree canopy above where they are lowering? Dear lord, no thank you! And Lou, thanks for ruining every ass to boob Brazilian combination for me.
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          thanks for the warnings, not going to watch, I've got enough afflictions.
          Not helping the situation since 1965!


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            Interesting. I lived in Manaus (Amazon) for 2 years and never saw anything like this - and I saw lots of weird animal/insect stuff