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    What web pages is everyone using for:
    1. meeting musicians
    2. buying and selling musical stuff

    I am looking to do something different with music, but I can't seem to find different people because in person, I am always running in the same circles with the same people. And CL is very scary. There's two types on my local CL, people I already know and the ones I would have security escort away from me in the real world. And I just want to keep it local, I am not trying to meet some guy in Seatle (unless the pay really good).

    And the buying and selling of gear, musician to musician. Ebay and CL have been taken over by businesses and 'businesses' trying to pay their electric bills instead of people selling to people.
    Where can I go to, mostly buy, but also sell gear without fear of some non-musicians pawning off some broken down junk that they don't even know is junk.

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    Wish I could help you but at present I am not looking for musicians and I never sell anything. Just go to live local shows. Meeting other local musicians is easiest that way in my opinion and there's nothing wrong with poaching a band member here and there. It's been working for Megadeth and Metallica for 30 years.
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