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Engl Powerball II - Ready to Rock!

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  • Engl Powerball II - Ready to Rock!

    The Engl Powerball II offers more tone, more control and more versatility than ever before! Separate gain controls for each channel, a remote controllable, switchable FX loop, a middle-boosted sound option and a new improved tube monitoring system make it the most versatile and sophisticated Powerball ever!

    * 4 Gain control knobs: Clean Gain-1, Crunch Gain-2, Lead Gain-3 and Lead Gain-4
    * 2 Bottom sound switches, one for Lead-Channel 3 and another one for Lead Channel 4
    * Middle-boosted switching (affects all 4 channels) via front panel button or via footswitch
    * Electronic POWER TUBE MONITORING system (P.T.M.) with LED indication (new version)
    * ENGL S.A.C. Port to accept the Custom Footpedal Z-9 (more options)
    * Noise Gate (including threshold control) can now be activated via footswitch (On/Off)
    * F.X. Loop Send & Return with Balance control now switchable via footswitch (On/Off)

    MSRP $2687.49, MAP $2149.99

    I ship for free inside the USA, charge no sales tax if you're outside of MA, can get you 6 months 0% interest financing and I GUARANTEE YOU WON'T FIND BETTER PRICING ANYWHERE!

    Please contact me for additional details if you're interested in this awesome amp!


    Matt's Music Center
    35 Pleasant St
    Weymouth MA 02190 USA
    Fender Custom Shop Dealer
    6 months 0% Financing Available
    Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop Dealer
    Grosh, Suhr and Anderson Guitars Dealer
    Splawn, Bogner and Mesa/Boogie shipped anywhere in the USA!
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