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Bogner Ubershall Twin Jet!

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  • Bogner Ubershall Twin Jet!

    We just pulled this beast out of the box and it's ready to light your hair on fire!

    Even though 2012 is still a few years away this new Uberschall Twin Jet will give you a glance at what will happen when all hell breaks loose. The Twin Jet name refers to having two powerful gain channels on tap versus the regular Uberschall's traditional "clean" and "gain" setup. The power amp is beefed up to 150W with a quad of KT88's and additional controls were added to handle overall bass response and power amp presence. Channel 1 goes from semi cleans to hot rod gain and channel 2 takes over from there, offering some of the most usable, tight and well defined high gain sounds ever produced by an amplifier!

    MSRP $2850.00, Our price $2599.00

    We ship for free inside the USA, charge no sales tax and guarantee you won't find better pricing and service anywhere!

    Please contact me for more details!


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    35 Pleasant St
    Weymouth MA 02190 USA
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