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  • DIY Preamp?

    I' really interested in building a preamp for my Charvel mutt. Is there any site where they go into detail on how to build a great (by DIY standards) onboard preamp?

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    If you are looking for preamp modules/mods housed inside your guitar cavity, then there are options. Not sure about DIY projects but here's a link to GuitarFetish's available mods. DIY might give you more options. Not sure how the price for DIY compares to these pre made ones. I have no experience w/either DIY or GF onboard mods. So no recommendations here.
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      I have a July 1983 Guitar Player article that has detailed info and a schematic. If you can't find anything on the net, send a PM. I would imagine that this article is probably online in some iteration anyway.


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        I've built preamps using the LM386. You can find them at radio shack for about a buck, and take little extra components to get working.

        Use a breadboard first, with an input and output jack (like a pedal). Once you are happy with the tone, scale it down to fit into the control cavity.