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attaching neck to body - thoughts..

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  • attaching neck to body - thoughts..

    If anybody remembers me from before, I was in the process of refinishing a SL charvel.

    This is it at the moment (no bridge rout at the moment, I filled it in ready for kahler routing). The neck hasnt been bolted in, this is just for an overall photo. There's one thing troubling me that I hope somebody can clear up..

    I was always told that if you take all the strings off a guitar, the neck will bend or snap and cause irreversible damage - yet this one is straight as an arrow even though it isn't strung up.

    does this mean that it will it bend out frontwards when bolted in and (eventually) strung up? Or will I need to do some truss rod adjustments? I have no idea how to do that.


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    you are worrying way too much. whoever told you that stuff misled you. I used to worry about this stuff too before I replaced the neck on my Tele (with excellent improved results).

    when you are done with the refin (looks great btw!) and hardware, just string it up and tune up, and then you'll know if a truss rod adjustment is necessary. loosen the strings up to adjust the rod.

    I always remove all my strings during string changes, and oil up the board, lube the nut slots, and restring with no worries and no marked change in action height.
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      You will probably have to tweak the truss rod a little. For a great resource on how to do that and setting up a guitar check out this setup and reapair DVD.


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        If the neck is old enough, and it looks like it to me, don't worry. Just string it up when you mean it and adjust from there. I just read the above post. Sorry. I'm just going for post count.:ROTF::ROTF::ROTF:
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          A mandatory book to have when restoring, building or setting up a guitar is Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide. I call it the Bible for Guitars!,_p...air_Guide.html

          Optional but not mandatory:,_p...lay_Great.html

          This one is great too, although only available in VHS (what's that?:ROTF

          Very good and show's Dan's sense of humor also.

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            Thanks a lot! You've all put my mind at rest