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Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

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  • Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

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    Re: Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

    1. I hold the trem level by the bar (or close to it) and tune all the strings to "almost" or "close" - just so the tension of the strings holds the trem off the body, then I tune each string. Overtune the 6th and 5th strings so that when you get the others in tune, those two are coming down TO the proper pitch instead of going PAST the proper pitch.
    Also keep an eye and make sure the trem is level when you get the tuning set. You may have to loosen or tighten the spring claw screws to get it level AND in tune.

    2. Adjust the spring claw screws for de-tuning that low. The two screws on top (allen screws) are for raising/lowering the height of the bridge.

    Floyds are not difficult to learn.

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      Re: Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

      easiest way if you have trouble is to replace one string at a time. the floyd is not that hard, and once you get the hang of it, it's not bad.

      it's string tensions vs the springs in the back, if the floyd is tilting forward, you need to tighten the springs.. if's it's back, loosen (a little goes a long way). sometimes it takes a while to get it set, but once you do, and keep the same string gauges, it falls back into place each time.

      I tune all my guitars on my peterson strobe 1/2 step down, and everytime i do a string change i NEVER have to touch the springs.. i use the same string gauge, and never have a problem.

      intonating is another story. basically you tune the whole guitar, then hit the 12th fret harmonic, then fret the 12th fret, the tuner should not move, if it does, you have to adjust the bridge. this is a painstaking task sometimes, but like anything once you do it a thousand times, it's pretty easy.




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        Re: Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

        Thanks guys I appreciate the advice. I am going to attempt this later today. I made a run to the liquor store just in case I got too frustrated and had to calm myself down. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

        Getting it dropped to B and set up properly is going to be a challenge. Any and all advice is appreciated.


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          Re: Help!!! with tuning a floyd.

          Just wanted to say thanks, the guitar is all set up. I blocked the Floyd, changed the strings. Then tuned it to B while keeping it level with the body. Once it was tuned to B I removed the block and tweaked the springs until it was back in tune and the Floyd was perfectly level with the body. I had to raise the string height a little too as I had a little buzzing in spots.

          Once I got the hang of what I was doing it went pretty smooth.

          Thanks again for the comments! [img]graemlins/headbang.gif[/img]