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  • Adder Plus Info Requested

    I was referred to this site while searching for info on Adder Plus pickups.

    I've read that the Adder Plus are the next step beyond AGI Lace Sensors and I'm interested in trying out a set. I currently use a set of Hot Golds in one Strat.

    I'm hoping someone has some experience with their Strat style pickups and could recommend a set. All I want is a typical 50's/60's Strat sound with reduced hum. I play mostly older rock music and use vintage style effects and amps.

    I've tried several sets of Kinmans, Lace and Fender noise reduced pickups and I'm not 100% happy with any of them. Closest is the Lace Hot Gold. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Adder Plus Info Requested

    This is the Swedish-to-English translation that our very own Sunbane did when looking at the Swedish APC distributor website. Enjoy!

    INTER-PHASE PICKUPS give you brilliance and clarity. Some models have high or very high output signal with preserved treble, which so far has been impossible for passive pickups. You can adjust INTER-PHASE PICKUPS very close to the strings without having the magnetic fields affect the vibrations of the strings (no "string pull"). You simply get better sustain. When doing powerful string bending, you never run the risk of ending up outside the receptive area of a magnetic pole, since the magnetic fields are spread out over the entire length of the pickup. INTER-PHASE PICKUPS are quiet and hum free and some models (Humphree) are even very quiet and very hum free. These pickups are offered with a range of different tones, from the traditional single coil sound, to the most sought-after humbucking sound of the 50's.

    IMPORTANT: Some bridges have very wide string spacing. Make sure you have at least 7mm between your 1st string (E1) and the edge of your pickups for a balanced tone reception with APC Single Coil Pickups.

    HUMPHREE - Single Coils


    100 - Virtually insensitive to electric and magnetic interference. When you demand a totally clear, balanced "true single coil tone without the noise". Recommended position: Neck/middle

    200 - Has the quietness and clarity of the 100, but is calibrated to give a little stronger output with emphasis on the mid-range register. Recommended position: Neck/middle

    300 - "Hot, full range HUMPHREE" gives you maximum attack and sustain, while it brings out the harmonic overtones and a high output signal. Recommended position: middle/bridge

    400 - "Mr. Punchy". Extremely high output signal and low hum level makes this pickup the choice of the pro's. Perfect for both clean and distortion. Recommended position: bridge


    All pickups are built with 4 shielded leads for split coil, phase control and series/parallell operation. Specify white or black covers when ordering.


    Persuader SC - Humbucking in single coil format. Powerful, "punchy" and rich with overtones. Recommended position: bridge

    Persuader Lead - Powerful "over the edge" signal. Designed specifically for the lead guitarist. Recommended position: bridge

    Persuader Lead Custom - Full highs, strong middle and full lows. Similar to Persuader Lead, but with stronger lows. Recommended position: bridge

    Felony X - "This is it, we did it!" The sought-after 50's humbucking sound is here. Thick and clear for everything from blues to metal. Recommended position: neck

    Malice - Especially designed for those who want a "fatter" humbucking sound. Classically tight response with strong mids and a loud output signal. Recommended position: neck

    Syrinx - Like Malice, but with a finely balanced magnetic structure, resulting in a "medium output pickup" with prominent highs, thick bass and a "soft hang". (Note: Don't ask me what they mean with "soft hang". Sounds perverted. [img]/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img] ) Recommended position: neck