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MIdi help please.

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  • MIdi help please.

    Alright i have a 5150 and a Boss GX-700 rackmount fx unit crerating a good sound for me. Is there a way I can use a Midi controller to channel switch my 5150 for me so i don't have to use that crappy foot switch that came with my 5150 head. I like the Roland FC-200 but can it be hooked up to do this for me. Thanks
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    Re: MIdi help please.

    If the Roland foot switch has an amp channel selection jack (some floor pedals do), or the 5150 has a MIDI Input, yes.
    If not, no.
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      Re: MIdi help please.

      5150 doesn't do midi, so your only options are

      1) a Behringer FCB1010 midi controller with 2 switching jacks on it
      2) a processor, like a G-Major or one of the Rocktron units with a channel switching jack built into it
      3) an Axess Electronics ( CFX4 Function Switcher that is a midi controlled switcher, or something else along those lines like a DMC GCX.

      The short answer is there is no easy way (unless your processer has a controller jack, which it may, but I'm not familiar with it).