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    Hi everyone right i decided to take my floyd to pieces to give it a good clean. Now when i came to reinstall the saddles i forgot which order they were originaly. The problem i have now is that 2 strings are always lower than the rest due to the saddles not in the correct position in accordance to the appropriate string. On the underside of the saddles there is a number. there is two number 4's two number 12's & two number 14's does anyone have a clue the order the saddles go in. Ive worked out that the number 14's seem to be the highest of the saddles.

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    Re: Licensed floyd rose

    The numbers differ between manufacturers, but the tallest saddles always go in the middle (D & G strings), and the shortest ones go on the outer positions (the E strings).

    So, you'd put the 14's in the middle, and then you need to figure out which of the 12's and the 4's are shorter, and position them accordingly.