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Charvel Model 5fx Sounds Thin

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  • Charvel Model 5fx Sounds Thin

    Recently had my Charvel setup and gone over and it's tuned to standard E tuning with .009 to .040 guage strings and had the gold Floyd Rose Original that was taken out of it years ago put back in and the EMG-85 that was in the bridge position swapped out for the old EMG-81 that came in the guitar when I got it for a Christmas gift from my parents years ago. In the neck is a slant EMG single coil in the neck (don't know if it's an SA or S?) and it's been in the guitar since I got it, LSR roller nut and the behind the nut Kahler locking nut.

    Well last Saturday, me and my other guitarist and the drummer got together at our practice spot and was running through some songs and the Charvel is extremely bright sounding and doesn't have any punch, clarity or definition to it and when I plug it in the gain loss is significant... I also hooked u to other guitars as well: Ibanez JEM Blue Floral, my single hum partscaster with Seymour Duncan JB and my Gibson les paul special with Dimarzio P9 Super Distortion in the bridge.

    I was using a Blackstar HT40 Club 40 watt 1x12 combo with the matching Blackstar HTV112 Cab and both the combo and cab have the Celestion 70/80 speakers in them, Gigitec RP360XP through the effects loop for effects only and volume pedal on it set for solo boos and also and my Maxon OD808 through the front of the amp. My other guitarist is using a Marshall DSL40CR combo through a vintage Marshall vertical 2x12 cab.

    I have no idea what's wrong with my Charvel??!!

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    did you try new 9 volt battery?


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      were the other guitars ok sounding? Was the charvel better before the changes? Are the emgs the solderless kind? is it better with the emg-85? How is the battery? Maybe cold solder somewhere? or the jack is dirty? could be many things really.


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        Is your cable pushed all the way into your output jack on your guitar? I ask, because the first time I had a guitar with EMGs, I pushed the cable in until it clicked and got a thin sound. I realized EMG jacks are pretty tight and that the cable needed to be pushed some more until I heard a second click, and then all was right again with the sound.
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