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Replacing the tuners on my Roswell Rhoads

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  • Replacing the tuners on my Roswell Rhoads

    Hello everyone, I bought from eBay a set of Vanson VN-03 tuners and machine heads in black finish to replace the stock ones that are mounted on my Jackson Roswell Rhoads guitar, especially the low E one that broke inside.
    Everything looks perfect, they're literally the exact same replica and I'm about to install them, but I can't understand in which order I have to put them on the headstock of my guitar.
    I've noticed that on each one of the tuners themselves there's engraved a code
    R1, R1, R4, L2, L2 and L4
    While I can understand R and L stand for Right and Left side of the headstock, I can't figure out what the numbers mean.
    Can anybody help me please?

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    Do the tuner posts have different heights? These might indicate staggered tuners. Normally you might find staggered tuners on a guitar with a straight headstock such as a Fender Stratocaster, where the 6th and 5th strings have the taller tuners and the other strings have the shorter tuners to allow a greater angle of string pull over the nut.
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      unfortunately I really don't know, the heights look exactly the same on all twelve tuners (both old and new).
      It might be something related to the gear ratio? I'm clueless right now and really can't understand the difference.
      If they were labeled R1 R2 R3 and L1 L2 L3 I could have understood. But like that.. doesn't really make any sense


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        Crazy idea but are the diameters of the string holes identical on all of them? Wider holes might accommodate thicker gauge strings and could the mystery numbering consider this?

        If all six tuners are identical, other than the mystery numbering, I might not worry about the order in which to install them on the headstock.


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          Might have to check, thanks for the very good hint


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            I forgot to tell,but the Vanson VN-03 are the exact same, the replacement is perfect


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              It doesn’t matter anymore as your tuners are installed and work perfect, but based on your mention of seeing numbers 1, 2, and 4 on them and based on the photo you showed with the number 1, those numbers would be tooling cavity numbers. Parts like these are tooled in multiple of what they call cavities so that one tool pops out several parts during one die cast process. Numbering the cavities like this helps tell if there is an issue with the tool. If during inspection, they find a flaw with all the parts that have an L1 on them, they know to go in and fix that particular cavity in the tool.