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LSR - any chance to repair?

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  • LSR - any chance to repair?


    I cracked one of my LSR tuners.
    I tried to open the string-lock, but I wound in the wrong direction. Now it's overwound and no matter in which direction I wind, there's no screw thread. So, the string-lock doesn't open anymore.

    Is there any chance to repair this LSR tuner?

    When I look from the top into the tuner button, I can see a screw nut. Is this nut for unlocking the string?
    '97 KV1 alder

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    Now I found the problem: The screw head is torn off.
    A precision mechanic should be able to get the rest of the screw out of the thread...

    However, is this a common screw I can replace? Or is it a special LSR-screw?

    BTW: Did you know that the patent for the LSR tuner has expired?
    '97 KV1 alder