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    So, oddly enough an old anvil case has come up for sale locally to me that is very structurally sound but the black portions of the case are scuffed, scratched, scraped, and looking pretty crusty. Obviously this anvil case did it's job protecting gear as it was supposed to. However I wanted to know if anyone had any material solutions that would be suitable for redoing the exterior portions of the case? It is black but id like something in color that I can just cut to size and install. Any ideas, links, etc? Not looking to spend a ton but want something cool. It would be really rad if I could find some formica or laminate countertop material in a nice seafoam green or something similar. Thanks in advance.

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    wall paper

    the problem with anything thicker is the fact that it then becomes a shipping/storage impediment by sticking out beyond the medal edges


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      well I was thinking about carefully getting down under the metal edges to place the stuff, I wasn't sure if it would be possible to heat the material and remove the top layer of black crap or not. Never taken apart a case like this before but its beat so no big loss when I dissect it