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Possibly stripped my KE3R's locking nut w/heavy gauge strings

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  • Possibly stripped my KE3R's locking nut w/heavy gauge strings


    I decided to put on heavy gauge strings and tune my KE3R down to B.
    It went all well until I wanted to lock the nut, at that point the screw kept turning and turning on low B (E) and seemed to not push the thick string down. I thought I needed a new screw, but that didn't work either.
    Did I strip the locking nut? Do I need to replace it? I don't want to do wood work and ruin the neck, because I can't find a takeuchi chrome locking nut on the internet. It seems to be R43 or something, but for every comment I read on these items (Schaller, Floyd Rose, Gotoh) people say it did not fit their Japan Jackson and the screws were too long.

    What do I do? Can I just put on standard gauge 009-010 strings the screw would catch when it goes deeper (due to thinner string)? Should I just disable the floyd and the locking nut?

    What happens if I put heavy strings on my hardtail RR5? Would they wear the black nut down, then I cant use standard gauge anymore?

    I'm so confused.

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    What string set are you using? What's the gauge of the 6th string? Is the gauge so thick and the locking screw so short that the screw can't even reach the threads in the locknut and that's why the screw keeps turning (because you're "screwing air")?


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      Hello Priest

      That could be right. It's 56 on E1 string. The screw works if I just try to screw it in without the locking piece. Could one find longer locking nut screws for this case?


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        you could also put the lock in place - attached, but not tightened, obviously
        and then run the string between the two pieces.


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          Guys I put on 09 string and.. the lock base plate is stripped. Super bad quality.
          Do I buy R3? I've heard it doesnt fit (screws too long) .Is there an alternative?


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            China knock-off : 7€ incl shipping arrives in one month
            Floyd Rose: $18 + $38 (Total 47€) shipping arrives in one month

            Not sure if either will fit a 1998 Jackson neck.


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              I consulted with metaljay on instagram and got a 100 pack of M4x10mm hexcap cylinder head bolts for 2€ (Regular bolt is M4x8mm)
              Fit right in and grabbed the thread. Might have gone half a mm into the rosewood on the treble side But it solved my problem right away!
              Also angry that music shops sell these bolts 1€ a piece..