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trem help on a dk22 sss

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  • trem help on a dk22 sss

    the guitar has the gotoh 510. i have it set where it is parallel and it still goes out of tune. any suggestion because the reviews say the thing is super statble

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    It could be the nut too if the strings get caught in there.Or maybe the string trees. You have to lubricate those nuts. Or maybe the strings are still stretching. Also i would like to add that no vintage type tremolo will ever be as stable tuning wise as a well set up floyd rose. If you want stablest tuning IMO you go with a double locking floyd rose style trem or an Evertune.


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      1. make sure your strings are completely stretched out
      2. make sure the tuner locks are tight
      3. when stringing up use the least amount of wraps possible. best to block off the bridge to the desired position, set the tuners so the hole is 90 degrees to the strings, insert the strings and pull tight, lock down the tuners, then tune to pitch.
      4. there's conflicting evidence, but using graphite or similar as a nut lubricant is said to help. they make lubricants specifically for nuts (like big bends nut sauce) but you can also use pencil lead shavings. I don't have personal opinions about either
      5. what brand of strings are you using? some strings work better with non-locking bridges than others.

      edit: also as ed said, no non-locking or single-locking bridge set-up will ever be as stable as a floyd rose, so don't expect that.


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        All guitars go out of tune. trem, no trem, good trem, bad trem, this trem, that trem.
        So, the only solution is to find out why it is going out of tune. Only then can one "fix the trem".

        Many times, you don't need to tune the guitar, you need to adjust the truss rod. Sometimes, a quarter turn of the trem springs.


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          Assuming that a tremolo has a solid set up and has no mechanical issues, different tremolo configurations have varying degrees of reliability:

          - Most reliable: locking nut and locking saddles
          - Less reliable: either a locking nut or locking saddles
          - Least reliable: has no locking nut and no locking saddles

          Is the problem really bad with your G and B strings? If so this is a common problem with tremolos. All you can do is use witness points, stretch your strings, and install locking saddles.

          If the problem is with all of the strings, check your nut.

          If you have string trees, they are a common culprit with tuning issues.

          Beyond that you are getting into bridge setup and mechanical issues.


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            Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues
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            Apr 9, 2020, page 5, #82

            1. Tighten 10mm nuts holding tuning posts to headstock.
            2. Restring using new strings and DONT wrap multiple times around the post. I only did an extra wrap for the high E string because it was more likely to slip. I have locking tuners.
            3. Tighten the string trees. Mine didn't feel like they needed it, in fact, neither of the screws moved, but I did make sure they were tight. Again dont strip anything. Snug is enough.
            4. I removed the bridge and retighted the three screws that hold it to the body. I dont think this was part of the problem, but I'm glad I did it.
            5. Reset the saddles. I had to do this to gain access to the bridge screws. Check the height and that neither of the screws are higher than the other. If a saddle tips from side to side, it could cause issues.
            Obviously intonation will have to be reset if you do this last step.


            Copied the best I could.
            Give that Thread a good read.
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              there is so much wrong in that post


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                Originally posted by JJ119 View Post

                2. Restring using new strings and DONT wrap multiple times around the post. I only did an extra wrap for the high E string because it was more likely to slip. I have locking tuners.
                With locking tuners, you DON'T need any wraps around the posts, even for the high E. Just pull the string tight through the post and lock. Your high E will more likely slip if you have any wrap.
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                  Thanks pianoguyy and
                  I copied from that place // post. It sounded good.
                  Never had locking tuners myself.
                  Just the usual Double Lock Floyd.


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                    my only experience with locking tuners are also self-cutting tuners.
                    so, there are no wraps at all.

                    And a locking nut... once you lock them, you can cut the strings off.

                    I think that post is for a HT6 string-through-body hardtail bridge.


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                      Originally posted by pianoguyy View Post
                      And a locking nut... once you lock them, you can cut the strings off.
                      this is true. but I actually put extra windings on floyded guitars, so you have some extra string to work with if you break a string at the saddle and need to do a quick field change. just square off the broken end, slack the tuner as much as possible, reclamp in the saddle, and tune up.


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                        I've never intentionally put extra windings on a string. But I am guilty of clipping an end to reuse a string.