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  • Wiring help!!!

    New Member here, I have a Charvel/Jackson CSM-1g which I cannot find any information about.. I have recently disassembled it entirely to redo the body and custom paint .. however prior to doing this, it had a hum/buzz in selector switch position 2,3,4... 1 and 5 were fine. some have said it was a bad ground possibly? I cannot seem to find any wiring diagrams for this configuration, 2 humbuckers and a single coil across the middle.. any help would be appreciated, or any knowledge of this particular model? Appreciate it!

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    Welcome to the forum. Position 1 and 5 would have no buzz because they're humbuckers. With the single coil working by itself in position 3 or even with the humbuckers in 2 and 4 (the humbuckers would have one coil split in conjunction with the single coil) you will get the usual single coil buzzing.
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      Just to have an idea for some wirings, you can take a look to the wiring diagram page of Seymour Duncan
      You can choose almost every configuration possible, classic wirings, intermediate positions with coil splitting, and so on..

      Pay attention, the colours of the wires may change from a brand to another


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        Originally posted by Luca1973 View Post
        Pay attention, the colours of the wires may change from a brand to another
        I think it's usually safe to assume that the colors will change from make to make.

        here are some pages which chart some color conventions of various pickup makes. I have not checked their validity, and in the case that original documentation is not available, your best bet is to verify things by hand with a multimeter.