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Is it be possible to remove these scratches and dents with car products?

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  • Is it be possible to remove these scratches and dents with car products?


    I've been offered this beautiful Made in Japan Jackson SLSMG super light soloist, at an ok price (450€ incl. Jackson case and shipping). And I'm picky about the cosmetics of my guitars even though I know this model is a great instrument.


    Video 10sec on scratched spot: (video self destructs in a month)
    Video 2 min whole guitar: (video self destructs in a month)

    Would I be able to remove those scratches on the back with scratch remover products, and touch up the dents with black acrylic paint, and wet sand carefully?

    I have Meguiar's:
    Ultimate Compound
    Ultimate Polish
    Scratch Remover 2.0 X
    Polish application sponge
    A lot of microfiber rags
    Super glue
    Wet sanding paper (From 200 up to 5000)

    I don't know how to refinish a guitar and don't have the tools / garage for it.

    Thank you for the hints and advice

    I really love this guitar, but I must feel good when I hold it also.

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    You have a good inventory of products for minor finish repairs such as these. I have many of the same products as you, and have done multiple finish repairs on three guitars so far. I'm not an expert but I'd like to think I'm learning each time and gradually improving my technique.

    It is not completely evident in the photos, videos, or your written description, but my question is: How deep are the scratches? That will affect what products you use.

    If wood is showing. you'll need your black acrylic paint, cyanoacrylate super glue, razor blade, sandpaper, Ultimate Compound, Scratch Remover (I don't own this product since it's rated in between Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish, which is slightly redundant in my opinion) and Ultimate Polish (in that order). Watch this drop fill instructional video:

    If the damage is just in the clearcoat finish, follow the same steps starting from the super glue.

    If the damage is very shallow in the clearcoat finish, you might be able to get away with just sanding, compound, and polish.

    Watch car finish repair videos on Youtube for more theory and practice. The principles are all the same.


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      One thing to take into consideration here is that according to the video that might be matte finish.


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        I'm sorry guys I forgot to mention, it is the MATTE Black SLSMG. I have repaired shiny black finishes on Japan Jacksons but Matte, I've never even had.