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Need some setup advice for USA Soloist

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  • Need some setup advice for USA Soloist

    I have a '86 soloist that came with some setup issues that I didn't address as first because it was my first floyd shredder guitar. When I set about to set it up, it got worse. I straightened the neck which was bowed, and got it to 0.010 but then both the A and E buzzed open. I put relief back into it and it's ok now, and I can lower the bridge to normal levels.

    The A string is lower than the E, how can I shim it so that it's equal or higher?
    Mine has EMG's, but it's pretty tight in the control cavity. Do I have any hope doing an 18v mod without digging holes in the guitar?
    Thank you

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    Take your saddles off and look on the back. There should be 3 sets of corresponding numbers to make them go in an arc. I forget the numbers offhand, but the E strings are the lowest with the A and B higher, then the D and G the highest. You can also put copper tape underneath as shims, or they do make metal Floyd saddle shims if you need them more leveled out.
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      depending on what saddles are on it - it may be numbered
      blank, I, II

      as to the 18v
      jackson has used the same control panel for years. 18v will fit.