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    1. I'd like to permanently stain/dye/darken (whatever the proper word is) some of my fret boards. Which is a better choice, or do you have a suggestion of your own: (I'd be looking at the black 5040)
    and they would need to be compatible when I use my Howard's Cutting Board Oil for cleaning. I don't want this stuff coming off when I play or when I clean.

    there's also this one:
    but some of the bottles say "mix well", while some internet posts say to just use it. And some of the bottles specifically say for fountain pens while others say not for fountain pens.
    And what will shellac do to fretboards, inlays, and binding. Plus, I have seen some say that you need to top coat it because it comes off with alcohol?

    it looks like it will work on the 590 because it works on the Schaller S-FRT II.
    Do you think it will work on the 580lp? It doesn't work on the Floyd Rose Pro but does work on a Lo-Pro and Edge III.
    Working on the JT-6 would be awesome, but that will be determined if it gets bought for the other units.
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