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Question regarding SD Invader

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  • Question regarding SD Invader

    I'm thinking about trying a different pickup in my KVX10, and I Currently have an SD JB sitting in my desk.
    I also have a guy interested in swapping an invader for my JB and I'm curious what the invader would sound like in it.

    The KVX stays in standard/drop D at all times.
    I like to mess around with Lamb of God riffs but atm skill wise I can't play a lot of full songs from them. I also like a lot of RATM and have been playing some punk stuff.

    Would the invader be good for that sort of thing? or should I stick with the JB? FWIW I have the stock
    103b in it atm and I like it quite a bit so if neither are really a huge upgrade I'll leave the 103b in.

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    I have owned a SD Invader since 1988. I bought it because at the time I wanted to sound thick and heavy when chugging muted riffs. It does that really well. I would say for a drop D setup and playing mostly rhythm, it will be a good fit.


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      Awesome, pretty sure I'm gonna give it a go then as that's where my main interests in guitar is.
      love that heavy palm muted rhythm guitar!