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EMG H4 and H4A quick connect with Jackson JS11

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  • EMG H4 and H4A quick connect with Jackson JS11

    Hi guys!

    Tomorrow I'll receive a set of EMG pickups - H4 and H4A, alongside with the volume controls, output jack and the pickup buss(B245). I'll be installing them on my Jackson JS11 - so there will be 2 hambuckers, 1 volume and 1 tone control, and a three way switch. I've went through the documentation, and everything is clear except the connection between the buss and the 3 way switch(which is the standard from Jackson).

    This is the buss from EMG:

    For BR - I need to connect the Bridge selection from the switch, for NK - the neck, for O - Output, and GRD is the ground.

    This is the three way switch in the Jackson:

    Here, the 2nd and 3rd pin a connected to the Neck. The 4th and 5th goes to the Volume. The 6th and the 7th goes to the Bridge. The one on the side is the Ground.

    So did anyone of you had to figure how should the switch be connected with the buss? The EMG guide does not have a diagram with the wiring between the switch and the buss.