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Charvel San Dimas 2009 - Neck relief too high, truss rod stuck?

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  • Charvel San Dimas 2009 - Neck relief too high, truss rod stuck?


    I'm trying to sort out the neck on this guitar - it has a bit too much relief for my liking. Something like .40. I've taken the neck off to tighten the truss rod but it's fully tight.. It won't turn any further to the right. I'm not forcing anything but at the same time, not being too gentle.

    I don't really have any guitar techs nearby that can look at this, so I was wondering if anyone knew what might be up? It's unlikely the truss rod has got stuck and needs a bit of oiling, on such a relatively new guitar?

    As it stands, I've also got a bit of string rattle on the treble side, reasonably high up, 15th fret towards 22nd. I have a bad feeling that this is likely an unrelated issue, as it's in the area the truss rod doesn't affect?

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    In some situations like this, I've had success by gently flexing the neck in the direction I want it to go while making the adjustment. Sometimes this helps to get past a sticking point. Just take it slow and gently apply pressure.

    -edit- forgot to add: you may need to back off a little on the tension first if it's bound up, then flex a little and do the adjustment.
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      Thanks dg, I'll try that


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        Just like dg says, but here's my variation on it:
        I'd try slacking the strings slightly and then backing off on the truss til it's completely loose.
        Then, GENTLY bend the neck back by grasping the headstock and base of neck over your
        knee or some other solid point. Obviously go slow and careful. Then, slowly bring the truss back
        to tension and returning to pitch. It's worked for me a couple times...


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          What I had to do (to my 08 San Dimas) was add a tiny washer placed over the truss rod, then put the nut back on. That gave me some more adjustment room.
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