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Thoughts on the PRS HFS pickups

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  • Thoughts on the PRS HFS pickups

    I just bought a 96 prs custom 24 that has the HFS pickups. The seem really basey and sometimes muddy to me other times they seem to have a heavy sabbath sound. Any one else have experience with them?

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    yes. I have had numerous PRS guitars loaded with them over the years. I love them at first, but then they get on my nerves. I have never wanted to switch out the pickups on a PRS, so I end up selling the guitars instead. if I ever get another US PRS with the HFS, I will switch out the pickups.

    some guitars...WITH STRINGS!!!! most of them have those sticks like on guitar hero....AWESOME!!!!

    some amps...they have some glowing bottle like things in them...i think my amps do that modelling thing....COOL, huh?!?!?!

    and finally....

    i have those little plastic "chips" used to hit the strings...WHOA!!!!