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New pickup rings, high or low?

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  • New pickup rings, high or low?

    Hello! I had a set of EMG's installed in my SLX last summer but the pickup rings weren't wide enough to hold the enclosed pickups so the bridge pickup ring cracked.

    I'm going to buy a set that has a tad wider pickup cut out but I the only set I can find is a set of two low pickup rings, very thin and flat, kinda like the neck pickup ring that in my guitar right now. Will this effect anything? Do I just need to raise the bridge pickup more to compensate for the lower mounting ring?

    Noob question I know but whatever :P

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    I prefer the look of a pickup ring high enough to hide most of the pickup. And for exposed bobbins, this has a protective values as well.

    Have you tried yet? Dave makes custom pickup rings.


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      Depending on how high your bridge sits, you might have to crank the pups all the way up and with the thin rings it will look a bit odd. I would at the very least get larger rings that match the height of the ones that were on the guitar originally. They are out there...
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        I am wondering a similar thing. I was looking on Stew Mac and for the gold no angle they have one size 7/64. This is a little taller than the neck on RRXMG (4/64) & shorter than the bridge which is (12/64). Any one know if there are some stock metal gold with the OEM height?
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