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  • Fret finishing

    Have always been a fan of well polished frets ever since I once came across a Yamaha acoustic with a fret finish like a corrugated roof !!!!! As a jeweller (jeweler in the USA lol) by trade polishing metals was part of the game. So I took some 600 grade 1" wide emery boards and started rubbing the frets long ways up and down the neck, when I thought it was even I used 1000 then 2000 grade to finish. After a quick play, the notes rang out sweeter and the the guitar sustained miles better. Nice result.

    This got me onto my own guitar collections fret finish, most of which was good, but they all but one benefited from 1000/2000 grade finishing. Today I got some 3000 grade boards, green in colour, and tried it out, got a mirror finish and string bending is so sweet with superb sustain.

    Typically it takes about 20 mins to do. Neck needs cleaned afterwards. Jackson charvel guitars usually need either 1000/2000/3000 or just 2000/3000. No scratching the fret board like you may with wire wool and no need to tape it all up.

    Will never own a guitar again without doing this to it. So far I have done 8 of mine. Cheap and effective. if your careful you won't touch the board with these emery boards, east to use, and at around a couple of bucks a time awesome value.
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    I tend to feel the same way.
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      Frets need to be like a mirror. Easy to do and it feels so right....


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        I do all my fret polishing with these micro mesh pad kits. I got 2 kits for $8 shipped from ebay a few years ago. Still using the first kit after doing 5 guitars.
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          I like using these. They last a long time and dont fall apart when you wash them.

          The prudes may snub them, but I don't care.
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          If it gets jacked, I'll get another one.
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            If you are going to go to that trouble, you might as well do a quick level of the frets first. You are doing 80% of the work of a full fret dress anyways!
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