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Pickup Selector Tip not staying on?

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  • Pickup Selector Tip not staying on?

    Not a majorly important question but still, on my RG770 the rubber tip on my pickup selector comes off after just using it a few times, (I use the neck pickup for my leads more than often, only can use the pickup selector 4 times until it just falls off). Is there any way I can get it to stay on there? I don't want to super glue it in case I have to take out the selector out one day, but when I play live shows I can't use the tip and switching pickups is a pain.

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    I've seen a tech heat them up a bit in boiling water so it will compress a little and then put them back on the shaft.
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      Put a very small piece of scotch tape on one side of the "blade" and then shove the switch on.


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        Meh, glue it with whatever keeps it in place, wether that's elmo's or supercyanacrillicpoison

        in the worst case, you're gonna have to cut/scrape off the tip
        just keep a few spares
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          I ran into this issue and was going to try a small amount of Loctite on it for a semi-permanent bond. I never got around to testing it though, so experiment at your own risk. I've got a few others that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove, and I fear the original owners superglued them on there!
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            Thanks for the tips guys, I'm gonna try them all out! Happy new year!


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              avoid gluing it on if you can. As you said, if you ever need to replace the switch it will be a complete bastard
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                If it doesnt fit snug its probably not the right tip. U can use tape or drill a small hoke in one side of the tip and thread in a set screw to tighten it.


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                  I would try to use cutters to slightly bend/warp the flat metal blade of the switch. Also make some small notches around the edges. Then a drop of blue loctite.