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Neck shaving Musikraft Neck

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  • Neck shaving Musikraft Neck

    I want to shave a chunky boatneck carve down on a musikraft neck down to a c profile, compared to all my other necks (Mex Strat Standards, Pro Mods, Jacksons and Warmoths) the magnet doesn't stick at all to the back of the neck, whereas it does all the way up on a Jackson, a pro mod and Warmoth thin C and from the 5th fret upwards on the Fenders.

    Had some good advice on drilling a small pilot hole around the 5-7th fret where the rod is closest to the back of the neck. Someone also mentioned Musikraft may use Stainless the magnet test is misleading?

    Ideally want to take off 3 or 4mm, wonder if anyone has done this before?

    Also the walnut plug is alot lower placed than you would get on a 'Charvel' Musikraft neck, so it's kind of looks elongated at the headstock
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