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  • volume/tone pots/switches

    Can someone recommend a good place to buy volume/tone pots and switches online? Some place that sells good stuff that you’ve dealt with before? I’m just talking a shot in the dark by Googling, I'd rather not.

    Thanks dudes
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    I think Martin makes a sweet harness. I'd have to find the info on them....I got their setup with my MHD pups.


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      I'm just looking for an online store that sells good stuff. That someone has bought from before. Thats all. Rather then guessing off ebay or elsewhere....
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        I buy everything from Stew-mac.


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          Originally posted by rdamaral View Post
          I buy everything from Stew-mac.
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            I have bought mine from several times in the past. They are a tiny bit cheaper on shipping costs than Stew Mac, at least to where I am.
            Have had great experiences ordering from them, as well as from

            Main thing, for me anyway, is to make sure to stick with CTS pots and Switchcraft switches and jacks.
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              I've had good luck with


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                Check out I've ordered alot of electronics from them. They have great shipping and some of the lowest prices on pots (CTS) I've found... Definitely stick with CTS pots and switchcraft jacks like was stated earlier. You'll have to drill a wee bit bigger holes for 'em, but it's worth it...
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                  What do you need?

                  I got this switch for my Pro Mods and it's identical, it's plated but I choose it because it has the fattest washer on it and looks nearest to the genuine, expensive, Brass Les Paul Dimarzio type, which is too tall to fit. Epiphone toggle switches are also similar to the charvel type.


                  As for pots I use genuine CTS ones from Ebay or anywhere.

                  As for brass knobs etc. Use Ebay, or FretsontheNet.

                  For general parts use Stewmac or Warmoth or Ebay.

                  BTW - I forget - which pot do you need for volume logarithmic or linear?
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                    Thanks very much dudes, thats all I was looking for was some input. I'm looking for some switches ( 5 and 3 way) and several pots. I want to re-wire serveral guitars. I'm also looking for high end floyd replacement posts.
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