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Help with Humbuckers please!!

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  • Help with Humbuckers please!!

    Ok I have a KE that I purchased used. The wiring needs to be replaced. I'm playing through a jcm800 and I want a set of humbuckers to help produce that 80's metal sound. Suggestions?? Thanks guys.

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    I have a DK2 with a Super D and Breed and I like them...


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      Duncan Distortion, Custom, or their custom shop RTM or 78 models.
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        Bare Knuckle Holy Diver set. It'll practically cut you bangs and tease your hair for you.


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          Cutting your bangs and teasing your hair is not a good thing :p

          You'll want an Invader since it's an Explorer-style body.
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            "clean sounds are for pussies" - Axewielder


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              Dimarzio Super Distortion, Duncan Custom or custom, custom, 78 and Distortion. I can also get some decent 80's tones out of my Tone Zone. Bareknuckle pups are expensive but sound great. I have a nailbomb that is a great heavy pup. These will all work with the right amp tweaking and the rest comes from your fingers...
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