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NAMM 2020 - Charvel pointy, with toothpaste logo!

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  • NAMM 2020 - Charvel pointy, with toothpaste logo!

    Master Builder Dave Nichols posted this on his Instagram page.

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      Heck ya!! I`m guessing Indo or Mexi?? No USA on the headstock.


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        Good eye. My guess is Mexican. Mexico primarily makes current import bolt-neck Charvels and Jacksons. Indonesia primarily makes current import neckthru Jacksons and no import bolt-necks that I've noticed except the import Misha Mansoor models. I cannot think of any Indonesian Charvels because I can't think of any current import neckthru Charvels.

        It also just hit me that I can't think of any USA Charvel models that have toothpaste logos. Google Images seems to confirm this, with the exception of the odd Custom Shop guitar.

        If these guitars turn out to be imports, it's slightly odd that Dave would post these on his Instagram page. Browsing Instagram anonymously only allows you to scroll back to a certain limit, but from what I can see without an Instagram account, he only posts USA/Custom Shop guitars, which makes sense given his role. Because, why would a Master Builder post production imports when that type of content is better suited for the official Jackson and Charvel Instagram pages? Unless these guitars are actually USA in the first place!

        So many questions. Guess we'll wait and see.


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          Looks like those are Charvel USA Hang Tags. Mexican import models don´t have that kind of hang tags?
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            You prompted me to zoom in to read the hangtags.

            Model is "CHVL SD-HS". Charvel San Dimas Hum-Single perhaps? "San Dimas" and the toothpaste logo tend to be mutually exclusive in the history of things, but then again the words "San Dimas" these days tend to refer to the front-loaded Strat body style under the Charvel brand.

            Serial number is C12247. Anyone recognize this serial number format as being USA or otherwise?
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              C.... hina?
              C... orona?
              C... harvel?

              One thing's for certain, if they are doing a 5 figure serial, they don't expect to sell more than 100k.


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                They probably just added the C infront of the numbers they were using on USA Charvels. That logo is quite alot smaller than what was on the imports and looks a bit odd to me.


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                  I just realized production USA Jacksons also have a similar "letter followed by 5 digits" format: Uxxxxx, thus also potentially limiting them to 99,999 maximum. 😉

                  Here is one of the current generation Charvel USA Select guitars, with hangtag showing serial number. Serial number format is Cxxxxx, and the hangtag format is the same as what Zedder identified above. Bingo! We can probably assume the toothpaste logo guitars are USA made.


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                    This post makes me really happy.


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                      OK so it's confirmed, with video evidence in the other thread (, that these guitars that Dave Nichols posted on Instagram are Custom Shop creations.

                      Originally posted by ed View Post
                      That logo is quite alot smaller than what was on the imports and looks a bit odd to me.
                      I knew I needed to revisit this quote. Reverse headstock Jacksons and Charvels tend to have smaller script/toothpaste logos than their regular headstock counterparts. The Charvel Predator had a reverse headstock, and its toothpaste logo looks significantly smaller. And it looks like the same size logo as on the Custom Shop guitars that Dave Nichols posted on Instagram. So it's a reverse-sized toothpaste logo on a forward headstock. Interesting.

                      Predator image below is courtesy of JCFer Startingline in his other topic that he revived this evening (, prompting me to revisit the logo size discussion that ed originated.

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