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    So over the years (about 7 now), I've been accumulating pics and details of every Archtop model (JA#### only) I could find to build a database of pics, serials and other details such as build aspects (inlays, bridge, electronic layout, trans/solid/graphic colors, logos, neck finish, etc etc) following the evolution of this particular model which if it isn't obvious already is my favorite.
    At least 1/2 accomplished with the help of my bud Archtop as, who by name surely was involved in this. We passed pics back n forth many a time.

    After checking out photobucket, thought I'd try to mass link my album for shitz n giggles, see how the bucket handles it.
    Always used my own homepage for images, never tried this, so hope it works right.

    Currently includes 102 idenitifed from JA0003 to JA0489 (3? aren't accurate)
    Since I haven't done much of anything to sort them for quite a while, I may as well go ahead and share.

    I have archived approx 800 pics, many unidentified, surely many duplicates as well as each guitar having multiple angles for visual reference. Here I've only uploaded full frontal shots or just front body if I have no full shot.

    Dunno when or how yet to manage the rest of the pics I have, my completeion is only at ~20% after all these years.

    Obviously, all of the pics are not 'mine' and originated from somewhere else. Hope no one has any objections, although I'm sure it's likely.

    Have any to add or any corrections to make? Feel free...
    This is nothing more than a gallery for you to get a fix. Candy overkill, dose up.
    Bandwidth be slammed. Thankfully, the bucket thumbnailed these so maybe not so bad, click for full rez.
    Was really tempted to not use thumbs lol.

    Hope I can get them all up before any replies LOL, will take 6 posts...


    Album link if you want to slideshow or whatever

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              Whew that was a workout...


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                Holy smokes it worked.

                They are sequential as well, so you can see the changes over time...
                Like color, body style etc.


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                  Cool! Thanks for sharing your work!


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                    Awesome, nice work!
                    Happy to see mine (JA0152) is in there.
                    semi-automatic hate machine...


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                      this guitar owns...

                      USA Doublerhoads Custom Shop
                      USA King V Custom Shop X Series


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                        Great stuff! lots of cool candy out there!


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                          Holy Crap!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!! Thanks for the work!!!

                          Hardware: all black, all the time.


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                            No words to describe it...
                            Except Superb!
                            Thank you for your effort!!!!


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                              Great work, audiophile! Much appreciated! I always wanted a JA but will it ever happen.......?

                              If I ever go Custom Shop, this would be the base for my project. Only with reverse headstock and single-coil in the neck:

                              AUDIOZONE.DK - a guitar site for the Jackson and Charvel fan